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Nu Sensuelle


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HIT ALL THE SPOTS: G-SPOT, C-SPOT, AND A-SPOT 4 speeds plus 11 vibration settings 3 roller motion speeds and 2 modes Verticle rolling beads that move up and down the shaft Perfect for G-spot, clitoral, and anal stimulation Remote control with synced vibration Features You have your standard anal plugs and then you have Andii, a plug that provides the user with a uniquely personalized sensual experience like no other. Energized by the S-Wave Plus motor, Andii is so powerful that it can dance on its own. While much of Andii’s ferocity lies within its 4 speeds and 11 modes, users can explore the plug’s independently-controlled roller motion feature–perfect for repeatedly hitting those hard-to-reach sensory spots. With a unique vertical bead motion, the user has the ability to feel sensation in more than just one centralized area while still targeting the G-spot, C-spot and/or A-spot. And because Andii’s motto is “go big or go home,” it also comes equipped with a remote which not only controls the plug’s vibration and roller massage functions but vibrates in sync with the toy. Andii is also harness-compatible, making it the perfect toy for partnered play.