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Evening Delight - Pheromone Parfum - Deluxe Size 50ml / 1.67 fl oz

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Sunset has arrived and it’s your time to shine. Give your evening a touch of sensuality and boldness as you head out on the town.

Designed for women looking to attract men, Evening Delight Pheromone Perfume combines an array of sensual floral notes, specifically orange flower, hyacinth, and bergamot layered over rose, lily, and jasmine, with a bold sandalwood, musk, and vetiver undertone—the perfect combination to make heads turn as you walk by.

The scent will help you feel your flirtiest. And with the pheromones blended into the perfume by our experts, your man will feel like the luckiest one in the room.

Just spritz some behind your ears and on your neck, and he’ll follow you wherever the night takes you.