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Color My Boobs / Stacks

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This alluring collection of healthy, happy female pulchritude is the 1st in the My Boobs Series, which includes PLAY WITH MY BOOBS and STICKER MY BOOBS. The perfect party favor for Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, these books also make hilarious gag gifts, and stimulate romantic evenings! Surprisingly tasteful, these witty books offer hours of intimate fun! COLOR MY BOOBS offers color-in drawings featuring an amazing variety of boobs for every taste: big, bigger, buxom, cantaloupes, torpedos, milk jugs, side boob, underboob, and much more. Showcasing the work of two talented artists, these line drawings also feature character boobs: a showgirl, pirate, cheerleader, goddess, hot teacher and much more!

D.D. Stacks has been involved with bosoms froman early age. She also loves to color. Billy Armstrong is an illustrator and video game designer with a degree from Art Center. Chad Powers III is a Swedish book illustrator.