Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly.

Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly.

Tis’ the season! It is time to be jolly. But with the Christmas parties, family gatherings and all the running around to get organised, sometimes our sex life can suffer. Christmas is a time when you cosy on up and make the best of the weather and the festivities. Since there is an abundance of goodies to snack on, it's always a good idea to expel the added weight into the right kinda activities, if you know what I mean!


Since December is a time when we tend to hide out and hibernate and enjoy the many feasts, it's also a good time to make sex a lot more exciting, since the season calls for it! How you ask? Try out some of these ideas from our naughty and nice list and make the most of Christmas this year!

After all, it will be silly not to start 2023 off with a BANG…


Make Time to Connect, and to Try New Things Together At this time of year, many of us are making all kinds of plans to see other people, from family gatherings to office parties to gift exchanges with friends. However, it’s important to plan time to invest in your relationship in the midst of all of this. Sometimes we get so focused on scheduling visits with other people that we neglect to schedule time for our partners. 

Set aside some time that’s just for you and your partner. Plan a date night—or even a date weekend. Use it as a time to de-stress together and get some quality time. 

Put it on the calendar along with all of your other plans to make it a priority so that it doesn’t get lost in the mix. I know some people think that scheduling sex and intimacy sounds unromantic, but it can actually make for a more passionate encounter.

Think about it this way, if you know it’s going to happen, you have time for anticipation to build. You’ll have more time to plan outfits, new toys or things you want to try! You can also flirt in advance in the days, and hours leading up to it and make it a form of foreplay so that by the time your date night arrives, you’re in the mood and looking forward to it. 


Hang Mistletoes

Maybe it's not a tradition for you to hang Mistletoes or even have a Christmas tree, but if we're getting into the festive spirit, then why the hell not! Hang mistletoes every nook and corner of your house and if you two happen to stand under one, then definitely kiss! Or maybe more?


Dress up

If you want to spice things up in bed, there isn't a better time to do so! Shop for some sexy Santa costumes for your partner and play dress up! They can dress up as your very own sexy Santa and bring you 'goodies' to try!


Santa & The Naughty Elf

This one's a classic role play that comes in handy around Christmas. Be Santa for the night, while your partner is a naughty elf, doing really naughty things to turn you on? Or maybe they did something bad and needs a good spanking?Lots of fun and you can even add a bondage set! I recommend https://sexotic.ca/products/adam-eve-eves-fetish-dreams-beginner-bondage-set-black (https://sexotic.ca/products/adam-eve-eves-fetish-dreams-beginner-bondage-set-black)



Make A Naughty List

Whether you want to be naughty or nice this year, you can definitely put it on the list and make some sexy time with your partner. Hands over a naughty list of do's and don'ts for your partner to follow or a list of naughty things you want this Christmas. It could be anything from handcuffs to whipped cream to even some crazy sex toys or lube!

Here’s 5 recommendations!

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Get out of Santa’s workshop

Forget the bedroom, try somewhere new! The kitchen table? Or the shower? Maybe even under the Christmas tree? Keep it interesting and fun! Of course, make sure no one is home if you are looking to have a session on the kitchen floor!



Keep it quiet!

If you've got guests staying over, or you're sleeping at a family member's house, you'll probably be wanting to keep things as quiet as possible in the bedroom. So why not turn it into a chance to make things more exciting?

There are plenty of ways to stifle noise, and the tension can make things more fun. Tell your family you’re wrapping presents and not to disturb you, then turn up some music and jingle all the way! If your problem is a banging headboard or squeaky bed, move things to the floor.

Alternatively, you could go into a modified version of doggy style, where one partner can bury their face into a pillow in order to stifle any sounds.


Advent calendars aren’t just for kids!

Who said advent calendars were just for kids? Yep, sex toy advent calendars do exists! So why not spice up your sex life with 12 naughty sexotic nights! For 12 nights before Christmas, each night you get to unwrap a new toy that will get you and your partners senses flowing. You get to experience new things, maybe toys you normally would not dare to try. Every night will bring you new possibilities and excitement. 12 NAUGHTY SEXOTIC NIGHTS BOX – STC Kelowna (https://sexotic.ca/products/12-naughty-sexotic-nights-box)


Well, I hope our naughty and nice list will help you keep things extra naughty this holiday season! What I’ve mentioned above are surely to give you that extra kinky push you always need during the holidays. Have a look at your options and what works best for both you and your partner and take some of these ideas into 2023 and start having more enjoyable and fun sex!


Wishing you a very happy—and sexy—holiday season!

Shay Lassen

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