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A happier sex life with toys

The world of sex toys can be a scary place, to say the least. Whether buying for yourself or that special someone, so let’s dive in to find what’s best for you and your needs!

Want to know which sex toys to choose for a happier, more satisfying sex life, or wanting to try new things, but not always sure about where to start or what goes where? Well look no further!

If you’re confused about cock rings, impassioned by vibrators, or maybe terrified of butt plugs, then continue on this journey with us to find out more about the wonderful world of sex toys just waiting to be discovered!

Now, we will start by learning all about why people buy and explore with sex toys!

   •    to experiment with different types of play and kinks
   •    To come upon, delve into and expand sexual preferences
   •    To achieve better, blended, intense orgasms
   •    To create sexual happiness

Different types of toys:

the name itself is pretty explanatory. It is a toy that vibrates.
They can come in many different shapes and sizes, giving you as much pleasure possible for anyone and everyone!
From realistic, different shapes and curves, rabbits, bullets, remote controlled and even some app controlled! they're all designed to give clitoral, vaginal, G-spot , P-spot, or a mix of all types of stimulation!
Both men and women can enjoy all the great things a vibrator can provide!
Most being designed for insertion, there are even ones small enough to bring into bed with that special someone!
Most women usually find it easier to achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, that is why a vibrator is a top selling product and one of the most popular types of sex toys.

Dildos are insertable toys for those who like something more realistic during play. An ideal toy if you need some sort of internal stimulation to reach an orgasm.

Dildos are available in many shapes, colours and sizes, providing penetration pleasure unlike anything else, no matter what you a looking for, width or length you will find it in a dildo!

Dildos have such a wide range of style they are perfect for both solo male and female play as well as with the help of a harness great for lesbian or Hetero couples!

Butt plugs
when you think of butt play, I’m sure the first thing you think of is a butt plug.
Butt plugs come in many sizes, from small and gradually getting bigger in size, some even inflate!
Usually they have a slimmer “neck” and a flat base for safety reasons.
Butt plugs can be used to comfortably stretch the anus before using a larger item for example and anal dildo or a penis. They create a feeling of fullness and pressure all while stimulating the sensitive nerve endings the anus have to offer!
Including a butt plug can help reach more fulfilling and intense orgasms!

Shay Lassen

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